Will Edmo

Will is a student worker here at The Center! He believes that the Center is a place to debate political issues and where students are able to express their own opinions and not be judged. He goes to college at Hasken Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas. At college, he likes being surrounded by other Natives who are passionate about pursuing a higher education. Since he is away from home, dealing with missing birthdays and family events is a disadvantage he has going to college out of state. He enjoys the college atmosphere where he is able to meet new people and expanding his mindset and live life to the fullest. Everyday he is making an effort to go to class and realized if something gets hard, you know you are doing something right.

Will’s passions include listening to music and walking. He listens to rap and hip hop because he is able to relate to the music. For example, heartbreak, etc. Will enjoys walking downtown because it makes him feel small and helps him realize that there are bigger things out there than him. He feels his life is only a spec compared to the world out there. Will is most grateful for the fact that he has the ability to breathe. He says that death can come easy. There are many changes in life and that’s what makes life interesting.

Will had to grow up fast. He lived on the reservation and had to deal with racism, traveling to places, and making a difference in his community. Will also played basketball when he was younger and he said he is willing to put in the work for basketball. His grandpa inspired him because he was a father figure to Will and has a Masters degree in education which is the highest degree in his family. Other things that inspire him is a mirror because when you look into the mirror, that’s the person you have to go against each day. He believes most battles are fought mentally rather then physically.

Will is a great person so make sure you come to get to know will before he leaves next month for school!


Jacob Toby Stump

Jacob StuIMG_1442mp will be a senior going to Pyramid Lake High school. He was born in Reno Nevada. He is also new Intern here at The Center. Jacob said he’s internship is going great so far and enjoys working with Avory and Will. Avory and Will are student leaders  at the center. For he’s internship he will be attending a Unity meeting in San Diego and helping out around the center. At his Internship he will also be filling out scholarships. He got this amazing opportunity from the Reno/ Sparks Indian colony who gives out internships and offers college tours.

Jacob wants to play football for college and hopefully play in the NFL. He also wants to be a barber because he enjoys cutting hair, but his biggest dreams are in sports.  He plays Basketball, football, baseball, and track and field. Jacob also went to State for track and field. He went home with first place in shot-put, and got second in disk. He plays for his high school football team and plays basketball with an all-native travel basketball team. Jacob has also been coached by one of the football head coaches at the University of Nevada Reno. He got this great opportunity by attending a football camp at the university. Jacob is very excited for his senior year of his football career. His football coach saw something in him ever since he was a freshman and now Jacob has many scouts looking at him for his senior year of football. Jacob also enjoys fishing ,he caught a 23 ponder fish which was 32 inches.

Along with Jacob’s football coach supporting him his family supports him too. Jacob family has always been there for him and they encourage him to be better each day. One of his many role models is his dad. He looks up to his dad because hes always been there for him. Jacob also takes part in Native Wings. Native Wings is a great plains Native traditional dances.

He is trying to attend Oregon Tech, UNR, or either TMCC. He plans to achieve attending these colleges by working hard, applying for scholarships, and having a good GPA.

Thank you for reading  and make sure to come to say hi to our new Intern Jacob Stomp at the center!


Cynthia “Cyn” Haven-Dingle

Cynthia Haven-Dingle, otherwise known as “Cyn,” is a junior here at the University of Nevada Reno. Cynthia has two jobs here on campus, the first job is as a mentor for the PAW program here at the center, and the second job is as a worker for Port-of-subs. As a mentor she believes it’s her job to help freshman students who might not be having the easiest time adjusting to college and help them succeed in every way possible. PAW mentor ship offers more than just help with academic success because it also focuses on the mental, social, and financial aspects their students might need help with. PAW mentors are focused on making students successful and well rounded in everything they want to do in life. As a mentor she enjoys just being there for the freshman and listening to what they need. She does everything possible to help them, even if she might not have the answers to everything she will help you find that answer or tell you who does know the answer. Cynthia is also a Nevada FIT (Freshman Intense Training) mentor. Nevada FIT is a program for incoming freshman. Nevada FIT is a boot camp for students where they put you through a week of finals according to your major. Cynthia took in this program as an incoming freshman and it taught her how to use all her resources on campus. Cynthia also spent some time working for ASUN, which was a stressful job, but an amazing opportunity for her because at ASUN they offer career jobs. At ASUN, she worked as an Event Planner and gained many skills and experiences she couldn’t gain at any other job. Cynthia is also the Event Coordinator for the Queer Student Union (QSU). She has made so many friends from this club and enjoys having lots of fun with them. Cynthia has learned about so many identities and the club also helped her find her identity as well.

Cynthia was born on September 9, 1997 and is the youngest out of her four siblings. She attended The Las Vegas Academy of Arts (LVA) . She explained LVA as being a more realistic version of the TV show Victorious. She believes that LVA was not a typical high school experience and it helped shape her into who she is today. At the school, she was also involved in the National Art Honor Society which helped her make a lot of connections. In high school she was a major in Visual arts which helped her find out she wanted to be a wedding planner. Cynthia wants to be a wedding planner because a wedding is often the happiest day of a persons life, and she wants to be able to be a part of it so she can make their special day as amazing as possible.

Some of Cynthia’s greatest accomplishments were overcoming her mental illness and she hopes that other people with mental illness can understand that they can still have a happy and successful life living with mental illness. She is also happy with her 3.4 GPA. Come get to know Cynthia, she is an amazing person and really fun talk to! She is also willing to help anybody who needs it and loves to meet new people.

Avory Wyatt pt. 2

As most of you already know, Avory Wyatt is a student leader here at The Center! Avory believes the most important thing that the center has to offer is diversity. He believes through diversity you are able to learn from other people and it allows you to be more open minded. The Center also helped him through college because of the counseling, safe space they provided to study, and many other things.

Avory is really involved in his own culture as well. He advocates for Native Americans and other cultures in an effort to correct the wrong doings of the United States government. Avory is extremely grateful for his family because they give him everything and they have always been there for him. Additionally, Avory is grateful for college. College opened up his mind and helped with his communication skills.

College is also where he met his girlfriend, Alicia, for who he is also grateful for. Alicia brought out a side of Avory that he didn’t know he had in him. Alicia motivates Avory to be the best version of himself. Helping people that need an extra hand is also a motivator for Avory.

In college Avory credits part of his success to his friends and peers who helped him get through his classes. They helped him with study tips and showed him how to improve his homework. Last year Avory earned a 3.27 GPA which was the highest he has ever accomplished.

Avory has also faced some disadvantages while in school. While attending school Avory recognized that there were few Native Americans on campus which was very different from the community in which he was raised. He feels as a person of color some people will view you differently.  Some struggles he also faced was losing his financial aid his sophomore year due to academic performance.

Avory’s number one passion is to inform people and help them but he also enjoys being a DJ. He has a lot of good memories but his favorite memory this year is when Nevada beat Cincinnati  in basketball.  Other things to know about Avory is that he loves food (but who doesn’t right?) Avory enjoys eating pizza with ranch dressing, Chicken Tenders,  and boneless wings. He also has a love for spicy food.

Come get to know Avory here at the Center and you will see how funny he is and if you ever need help with anything, he’s your guy because after all, Avory loves to help people.

Getting to know the new Intern

Hey guys! My name is Natalie Hurtado, but most people just call me Nat. This summer I am  happy to say that I am a new intern for The Center ,which is located at the University of Nevada Reno in the Joe Crowley Student Union on the third floor. Throughout this June and July I will be uploading weekly blogs for the center! I got this amazing opportunity from being a part of Upward Bound and I’m  grateful that the center has taken me in. With this internship I hope to build up my work experience and learn how to improve my communication skills. Throughout my life I have struggled with communicating with others but I hope this summer I will get more comfortable with communication.

Getting to know more about me, I am the youngest child. I have two older sisters who are twins that look nothing alike, since they are fraternal twins. My family is very important to me and I love them so much. Both my parents weren’t born in the United States, my dad was born in mexico and my mom was born in Japan. Which makes me half Mexican and half Japanese. The people I am most grateful for are my parents because they have always supported me in life and have been there for me through everything. They are the people who motivate me and are always pushing me to be the best version of myself.

In the past few years I would have never considered going to the University of Nevada Reno due to my lack of interest in going to college. But getting to know the campus, programs, and staff here at the university made me realize how UNR is a really good school to attend. Even taking a part in Upward Bound made me realize how good it is to go to college and i’m very grateful for everything they have helped me with.  Some of my hobbies include playing soccer and basketball. I play both sports for my high school which is Earl Wooster High school. At Wooster I take part in the IB program which challenges me a lot!

I am really excited to be interning here at The Center and I hope that I can accomplish many things here. Thank you so much for reading my first blog! I cant wait to get to know the center better and all of the amazing staff. I’m also excited for my upcoming blog posts.

Jamms The Intern


IMG-1357.PNGBefore logging off, i would like to thank my amazing staff (new family) members for everything they have done for me these past few weeks! They are all truly amazing people who have a lot to offer for any and all of the students at the UNR campus. Being able to see the impact that these people have had on all the students that have visited The Center is amazing for sure! Seeing how the students also use what they are given is really cool as well because things like this is not really seen on high school campuses! I want to thank Ricky, Avory, Araceli, Jody, Will, and Saundra for making me feel welcomed – as if i have known them forever – for making these past few weeks as if i were at home, there was never a moment in which i never looked forward to getting to my internship! A thousand times i say thank you to these amazing individuals located on the 3rd floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union, in The Center, Every Student Every Story!

Avory Wyatt

Profile picture 2Profile PictureFor some of you who don’t know, Avory Wyatt is a student leader up at The Center! My first impression of Avory was “I don’t think he likes me”, but as I spent more time around him, he turned out to be one cool dude! Avory was born in Reno, Nevada on May 19, 1996. As i learn more and more about his childhood on his reservation, it sounds like a whole lot of fun. Avory mentions how he and the kids he would spend time with would find “ways to play by making forts in trees” and what not, he had that childhood where technology did not take over (really the best way to grow up). Knowing how creative and innovative he was as a child, it is easy to see why he has become adventurous. Hearing about the many different states he has visited and the multiple football stadiums he has seen is freaking cool in my opinion! Also hearing about his DJing and how it became so much more than simple remixes on his phone is just wow! Avory was one of those kids who grew up playing sports so it kept him from being really involved in cultural events like pow wows and it also kept him from being able to participate in TRiO programs. Avory was lucky enough to be a part of the Summer Youth Education Program – which was provided by his tribe – allowing him to take part of internships in multiple locations. Many of us have those role models to look up to, Barack Obama is a person who definitely motivates Avory. Avory aspires to be like Obama because of the overall wellness he provided minorities during his time as president. Avory really admires the way that “Obama brought our country together and gave a little bit of power back”. Although Avory’s life seems to be very cool, there have been some challenges he has been faced with. Avory would say that his biggest challenges were the fact that he was unprepared for college. Although it was a set plan for Avory, he did not think it was as important as it is now. Avory really struggled with managing his studying and the amount of credits he was taking, once he managed both, it allowed him to prosper with his mission on getting his major. The other challenge that Avory had was the fact that as he was growing up, he only lived in two places – the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony and the Hungry valley Reservation – which caused him a little bit of a struggle when trying to adjust to the college atmosphere. Avory would also say that The Center was a huge part of his success in college due to the fact that they provided support for him – he “felt more at home in College”. Avory’s little inspirational quote comes from Barack – “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”.