The Next Generation of Women Leaders–by Farah Rashdan

This is the first day of the NEW conference. In retrospect these women will win my heart, loyalty, and respect. I had no idea what I was going to gain in these next five days but, I do know that I was blessed to be in this program. Every single woman you see in this picture altered my life in that they helped me find a different side of myself that I never realized was there, or perhaps never had the courage to see.

NEW leadership provided the foundation to motivate me to acknowledge the leader that I am and have always been. Like I said I had no idea what kind of life changing experience I was going to have. If any young women have the opportunity to attend the NEW Leadership Summer Training Institute, please take the chance because you will never regret it.

I will never forget the night of the Keynote Speaker Dinner, because we got the opportunity to network with Senators, attorneys, community leaders and may other highly successful women. It was a shocking experience because I was not aware we were going to be “networking.” I had to get in there and say “hello my name is Farah Rashdan and I am amazing!”

The community leaders were very informative and encouraged us to get involved in our community. Best of all they were willing to help us by providing internship opportunities. Later that night I had the honor of introducing the Keynote Speaker, Gwen Mageta. Gwen is the Executive Director of Caesars Entertainment and a wonderful, inspiring woman.

This was my group and I love my sisters. We shared stories, laughs, and tears. I feel so honored that they shared their stories with me and gave me insights into my own life. Every night we talked for hours sharing what our dreams and hopes for the future.

Day five: Claudia and I came to NEW leadership as acquaintances, but we left as more than good friends. I believe if I ever needed anything she would be at my side and I would do the same for her. The program showed us both the best in each other. I love her.

It was touching to see how many men and women care about the future of women. By the end of the night I was offered an internship!


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