A Day in the Life of Miss Cinco De Mayo- Jessica Jimenez

My full title is Miss Cinco De Mayo 2012.  I got the title after multiple weeks of challenges I had to complete.  Some included photo shoots, radio interviews, a mini commercial, a video we had to put together about our daily lives, finding sponsors, etc.  We received points for each of these challenges which ultimately went towards the final points that determined the winner.

Other ways I received points were from the love I received on the Miss Cinco de Mayo Facebook page as well as actual tickets that were turned in at the day of the event.  The actual event went on for two days. The first day consisted of all 12 contestants being on stage, helping with the Mini Miss Cinco De Mayo Pageant and answering an onstage stage question.  The second day we once again helped with the Mini Miss Cinco De Mayo pageant and modeled our formal wear.  The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners were announced on the last day, where your’s truly was named Miss Cinco De Mayo!

As the winner, I received $1,000 on the spot, was given the opportunity to have my own segment on a show on TV AZTECA, have been offered multiple photo shoots with different local photographers, and I will present at the Nevada Hispanic Services events throughout the year.

Throughout the pageant we were asked what we would like to do with our title.  Personally, whether I had won or not I still had the same goal for the next year: to be involved with more programs trying to get children to stay in school and to work towards higher education.  My first step towards accomplishing this is joining Americore for the summer and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club in their program that focuses on doing just that; keeping kids doing positive activities and visiting the University of Nevada, Reno campus. I’m happy to say that participating in this pageant was completely out of my element and I was up against many amazing girls, so winning was just a bonus.  Had I won or not, I would have appreciated being able to participate.

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