MEN of Distinction Explore Peru- Sean Tory

Glen Martial and I (Sean Tory) had the good fortune to be selected by Professor Barbara Land, of the Theater and Dance department to travel to Peru for a humanitarian trip. Our project will be conducted next week in Lima and Iquitos, Peru , in the outer villages of the Amazon jungle. We both are going to observe the culture and environment. Glen will be observing issues related to community health science and I will observe issues pertaining to marriage and family therapy. Professor Barbara Land is assisting us with connecting to the right people to help with our interests.

Glen is going check out how the citizens treat wounds and what happens after not getting proper treatment. He is curious to see how the citizens of the jungle are able to survive with very little medical treatment and the roles of Shamans in helping to heal citizens.

I plan to research infidelity, sexuality, as well as analyze the concept of semi-marriages. I will also seek to discover how these gender roles within the marriage, and look for similarities to our ideas of gender.

Dr. Land has been writing a book about the outer villages of the Amazon jungle for the past four years. With her guidance, we will learn so much about the culture for Peru. This will be a very interesting trip and we will bring you all along with us as we embark on this new journey.

3 thoughts on “MEN of Distinction Explore Peru- Sean Tory

  1. I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey with you (Sean) and Glen . As y’all blog your way through Peru . Love you please be safe and enjoy !!!!!

  2. Hi Sean great job helping those in need with the clothes,have fun and B safe in your travels. love Aunty Steph & Family

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