ASUN Goes to Washington and Brings Back Hope for Divine 9- RJ Lopez

Hello Friends,

The past four days I have been in Washington D.C. along with other ASUN representatives, visiting historical monuments, meeting iconic senators, and visiting Howard University. Most importantly we are learning how the University of Nevada, Reno can continue to rise in education through the Associated Public and Land Grant Universities Convocation.

It was an exhilarating feeling to be standing in our Nation’s Capital and reminiscing on all of the historical aspects of our country that was surrounding me It made me proud to be an America.

In regards to one of the highlights of the trip, Howard University! To be standing in “the yard” and seeing the historical prominence which Howard established, was phenomenal. Birth place to five of the divine nine fraternities and sororities, Howard’s environment gave me hope that’s one day Nevada will have a divine plot, every divine nine entity will be present on campus, and diversity and culture will thrive from one end of the campus to the other…one day.

It is not acceptable to use cultural barriers as an excuse for Nevada to not thrive in rich diverse history like that of Howard. If on small room in the Joe Crowley Student Union can provide students an image of true cultural acceptance, then 18,000 students should be able to unite and do the same. I’m excited to see all my friends this August!

I hope everyone is having a great summer.

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