A Sunnie Day of Sisterly Competition – Malou Broder

This past weekend, my sisters and I took a road trip to attend our annual Battle of the Chapter’s conference for Sigma Omega Nu, Latina Interest Sorority, Inc. This year BOTC was held at our Epsilon Chapter located at California State University, Fresno.  Here, our chapters were able to battle it out in a series of friendly games, such as relay races, volleyball matches, trivia questions, and spirit competitions.

My Sunnie sisters and I love attending these conferences because they help bring together sisters from different schools throughout California and Nevada. Being part of such a tight knit sorority allows us to build bonds by allowing us to meet new sisters as well as strengthening bonds by helping us keep in contact with older sisters. We feel pretty fortunate to have such a close sisterhood that allows us to see all of our sisters at least a few times in a given year.

Last year, we were able to place 3rd overall in the BOTC competition.  This year, the Nevada Sunnies did even better!  We received 1st place in the spirit skit competition and tied for 1st place overall for the first time ever in BOTC history!  Unfortunately, we missed the final tie breaker question which landed us in 2nd place.  (If anyone ever asks you, the CSUF stadium can seat 41,000 people!)  We aren’t discouraged though!  The Nevada Sunnies are determined to take home the gold next year!  😉

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

Mu Sigma Psi Alpha Sigma

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