Family, Food and the Big Apple- Gianna Giorgi

This summer I was fortunate to reconnect with my family in New Jersey, who I haven’t seen since I was 11 years old. My Pop is a dentist in New York City so I also spent some time there.  My first day on the east coast my family and I went to the Jersey Shore. The weather, although humid, was perfectly sunny. The best kind of weather for body surfing and boogie boarding. Now, since I hadn’t been to the shore for a decade I was a little nervous about getting into the open water. My family settled my nerves and I was riding waves like I never stopped. I felt very comfortable in the water… that is until my big toe got pinched by a small crab.

After that I took a break from the water and my little brother and I walked the boardwalk. There was so many tasty treats to taste and a mile of rides to go on. I tried a cookie ice cream cone, a caramel apple with milk chocolate and peanut butter, and a pretzel. We then got into a spinning enclosed ride and after all the snacks we ate we realized we didn’t have the stomach for anymore rides. I played in the arcade and in the hat claw game I clinched a Yankees hat and was so excited I got it on the first try. I went to the beach four times during my nine day stay on the east coast. I loved it! Also in Jersey I played a lot of tennis at my grandparent’s tennis club. Jersey was nice except for the mosquitoes; I had more than twenty bites on the first day.

A few days in, my dad, brother, and I took a train and a few subways to the Big Apple. The travel to the city was an experience in itself. I realized I don’t like subways. The stations were so busy and confusing that it was a lot to handle. Not only that, it was extremely dirty. The train was a lot better to travel in than the subways. Once we finally arrived in the city the first place we went to was the 9/11 Memorial Tour site. This was one my favorite experiences of the trip. The last time I was in NYC I took a picture in front of the Twin Towers, and to see two deep squares lined with running water where the buildings once stood, was shocking. The squares had the name of every person who died in the terrorist attack a little over a decade ago. There were oak trees planted everywhere to represent the one tree that survive through the attack. I also got to see the construction of what is going to be the Freedom Towers, which are replacing the lost towers.

After the self guided tour we went to NYC’s oldest church right next door to the memorial, which George Washington used to attend. The church was built in 1766 and was called St. Paul’s Church. After that we were starving and had to try the staple New York hot dogs, pretzels, and pizza. Directly after we went to the Museum of Natural History and saw all the famous staged animal and people exhibits. They also had a special live spider exhibit.  There were big spiders I never thought existed. We stayed at the museum for a few hours then went across the street to see Central Park.  Then it was on to Time Square and Fifth Avenue. I would go on and explain every detail but trying to keeps this post to a minimum… clearly not working.

Overall my trip was amazing! I did realize though that I am a West Coast girl and my aspirations to become an ESPN reporter will have to be from L.A. and not on the East Coast.

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