A Year of New Adventures- Nicole Shimabuku

After over 9 years working at the University in the Student Union, the start of the 2012 academic year marks the beginning of my new adventure as Student Activities and Leadership Coordinator at TMCC.  I will miss working with my UNR students and colleagues, but I am excited for the new adventure I have ahead of me.  I have lots of things to accomplish this year with clubs and organizations and the Student Government Association, but if you know me… you know I’ll love every minute of it!

In addition to a new job, I have wedding planning to do too!  Ten months and counting!  Yikes!!!  So far I’ve got the dress, venue, photographer, theme, colors, hotel, and bridesmaid dresses done.  Yes, I have done a lot already, but hey, I AM an event planner!  There’s still so much to do, food being a big one on my list, and as you all know I LOVE food!

The end of this academic year will be a very exciting time for me, finishing up my first year at TMCC, and getting married to my best friend.  And then of course there’s the honeymoon, yippee!  What a great year I have ahead of me!

If you are ever at TMCC and want to stop in and say “hi”, I’ll be in the Red Mountain Building Room 122A.  Or, if you know a student who would like to start a club or organization, please send them my way too.

Happy start of the new semester everyone!  Let’s make this academic year the best one yet!

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