From Graduation to Grad School- Shirley Diaz

My summer began with the realization of a lifelong goal. With my family and friends in town, I faced the heat of the coming summer by celebrating the culmination of my five years of undergraduate education at graduation in May. Following graduation, I faced the question all grads must ponder; what should I do now? Instead of taking the clichéd year off for travel, or the rushed plunge into the work force, I decided to go the graduate school route. Staying in school left the summer wide open for me to enjoy friends, visit family and prepare for my new studies.

For the majority of the break I stayed in Reno. I took time to explore downtown, worked at the Knowledge Center at UNR, and cavorted with friends. I did, however, take a trip to the Midwest to visit with family and volunteered at a premier conference hosted by President Bill Clinton in Chicago. At the conference, I was charged with registering attendees from Fareed Zakaria to Donna Karan. I also had the opportunity to meet fellow volunteers from around the world who were also there to ensure the success of the Clinton Global Initiative America conference.

Upon my return from Chicago, I took a summer school class in Econometrics to get ahead in my Master’s program and took time to enjoy the annual Artown festival in July. From there, the Fall semester quickly approached and the summer came to a winding close with a last minute trip to visit my family in Huntington Beach, CA. Overall my summer was a lazy one, yet somehow still seemingly productive and definitely fulfilling. With the sound of alarms at 6am and free time absent from any schedule, it is clear that the semester has begun, but the memories of summer still remain somewhere in the heat that surrounds us still.


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