From Center Biggest Loser to St. George Marathon- Jody Lykes

Two summers ago, when The Center staff decided to become health conscious, I had no idea it would turn out this way. We began the summer eating healthy and working out. After a month or two of the competition, the true competitiveness of The Center began to surface. We had all shed some pounds and began trading secrets about different diets and workouts. My food favorite was eating a grapefruit a day together. We all tried brutal workouts like P90X, Insanity, and Jillian Michaels. Then one day someone said, “You should try running”.

I have horrible knees, but having lost about 25 lbs. I decided to give it a try. I became addicted. I ran the Turkey Trot 10K, Golden Gate ½ Marathon, and Color Me Rad 5K. For this past year, I have run anywhere from 25-36 miles a week and it is not uncommon to see me making the 11 mile run to work.

One day, I decided to sign up for the St. George Marathon. The St. George Marathon takes place in St. George, Utah, accepts entries from all over the world, but only 7,400 runners are selected by lottery. I was luckily accepted. Runners have to finish the over 26 mile race within six hours. On Saturday, October 6th, I finished the marathon.

It was such a peaceful and painful accomplishment. One of the best parts of this whole journey has been the early morning runs in the desert filled with ponderous moments and reflection. Thanks Center colleagues and everyone who has put up with endless conversations about supplements and running woes! The biggest thanks go to my wife and family who sacrificed all the time it took for me to be out on the road training. My family was there at the finish line and that has got to be the greatest moment during this adventure hands down.


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