Preparing for Costa Rica! -Center Student Worker, Kalynn

This spring 2013, I will be studying abroad in San Ramon, Costa Rica, through the USAC study abroad program. I will be in Costa Rica for five whole months! I am so excited to leave and find out what this semester-long journey has in store for me. I have always been an extremely outgoing person and I grew up with very encouraging parents, so when I heard about the study abroad program at UNR, I immediately hopped on it.

Preparing to go to Costa Rica has been a journey in itself. I have been getting ready for my trip since the last year. There is so much stuff that has to be done in order to safely study abroad. You have to get a passport, a visa, the proper immunizations, register with the US Embassy, and much more. My family has been supportive of my decision to go abroad since day one and I think that made it a lot easier for me, because I knew that I did not have to go through any of this by myself.

When I get to Costa Rica, I will be living with a host family, a traditional Costa Rican family, for my duration in San Ramon. I have not yet found out who my host family is, but I am so excited to know!! I always wonder what they will be like. Do they have kids around my age? Will they be friendly? Will they speak any English?! The questions never end! One thing that I am most excited to experience is the food! I am so interested to see what a traditional Costa Rican meal consists of.
Since I have not left yet, I am just filled with so many questions about what my experience there will be like. Once I get down there and get settled in I will be sure to keep The Center updated on my study abroad journey!

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