Service: Our Motto, and Our Purpose. – Anthony Dionisi

“Culture for Service, and Service for Humanity.” Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity are expected to know this, since we pride ourselves on the history of our organization, but how often do we think of what it really means to us? When choosing a potential member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, one of the most interesting things to look at is what he has done for his community. Not only is it interesting to us all, but also it tells us a lot about the person he is, and who he aspires to be.

PBS2Phi Beta Sigma came to the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno in 2007 and was chartered March 18th, 2010. Since then, Phi Beta Sigma has viewed service as giving back to our community and we intend to do that every semester. We have started an annual event called Stroll for Tots, Reno’s first and only stroll competition, where all of the money and toys we raise go to the local Reno Toys for Tots foundation. We sponsor different events on campus and hold forums to inform the public and raise awareness of important issues. This semester we intend to hold forums and create a tunnel of oppression for Black History Month, among many things.

PBSI know how important the principle of service is for our organization and every year, we get better and better at showing it. With great aspirations comes great responsibility and with that great responsibility comes a man, but not just any ordinary man. This man holds himself accountable and does not make excuses. He lives by the principles and motto of service. As a gentleman of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, it is my duty to uphold these standards.


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