Life as a High school intern at The Center for Student Culture Diversity

The first day was tense as I walked from the lunch room located at Argenta hall toward the Joe where The Center for Student Cultural diversity is. The most memorable thing on my mind that day was “who is Saundra Mitrovich and what a cool last name!” Haha! I stretched that a little but it really is a cool name. In my head I was ready to gain experience and to meet her and her coworkers. I have had talked to Mrs. Lou (one of the Upward Bound advisers) who was way too knowing of her experiences there. Quote on quote “I was Born There.” she was excited and to talk to me bout my internship there and how i felt. I walked past the Center as it caught my attention before but never would have walked in as I was the only high school student curious and interested why tons of college students were having conversations, sleeping, and doing their school work all in one place. That day was also a disaster as our main internship teacher had to take each intern to their own building one by one. This completely made me late and I never intended to give them a bad look on the first day. As we walked in I met two of Mrs. Saundra’s wonderful coworkers, Ricardo and Araceli. They greeted me with huge smiles, and right away I was comfortable. My mentor at the time had her hands full taking her other interns up to a conference. As Days passed by I finally met her, Saundra Mitrovich, walking while I stood next to Ricardo. I was completely off guard as I met her and shook her hand. I learned that a week or two earlier a tragedy had happened in Orlando and Ricardo and his coworkers jumped on it showing their full support making an alter like no other and setting it up down stairs in the Joe. It was great to see that single act from them, helping in putting people together as one and letting them show their own support by putting a white board to write on. That is the day I saw who they were and what their job really meant to them as people. They were passionate in helping students no matter who the were and the best thing was they helped students find who they wanted to be no matter what race, culture, and sex they were. Today marks July 11, 2016 and this internship is great.


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