Presenting Among a class full of young (DFS) students


Walking in room 3005 of the college of education building yesterday, there were about 15 Dean Future Scholar students listening to Mrs. Saundra  present about indigenous people around the nation and some back ground information among those groups. It was like i was being that annoying person interrupting in a movie theater but this was during her presentation. Immediately she introduced me, made me feel at ease and to sit wherever i felt comfortable. Her topic also included a basket weaving activity starting with plastic cups cut down the middle of each side in an uneven numbers and a couple of choices to weave though each fold. I thought it was an ingenious idea to include and have students interact with weaving one of their own basket and even write things upon the plastic cups that had the most significance to them. As time flew by I learned that the presentation was not only for those 15 students but for other groups of students that rotated between classes. After the first group had finished their time, the second group came in and I passed out some pre-questions Saundra had printed out for knowledge purposes, and then it was go time. I was there to help but most importantly gain more experience with public speaking. At first my mind was unprepared to speak stopping to think for second then the words came out as I presented my self to the class. The words started to flow and my mind came at ease as I started to tell them a little about my self and why i was there. Once I finished she took over and since I interrupted in the first class I got to see what she talked about. I also had got to see how presenting was made to look so easy and how to make a basket. This experience helped me understand the fundamentals of presenting and what ways I can make it easier on my self. By the time I could clock out for my internship i lost track of time because of how involved I got Saundra had to tell me to go, I had an awesome time.

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